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April 2017 (dirty neck)

Royal Fawn g-son

Wibotawot Soft Shinook

ARI# 32545043   D.O.B. 9/25/2014

Huacaya, Herdsire (Male), Proven | Beige

7/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Chilean
Sire: White Zephyr 1 | ARI# 181314  | White |
Dam: Soft Sable | ARI# 32361681  | White 

UPDATE 5/19/20: I love this guy - large commanding presence, but very easy to handle. Loves strutting his stuff while being lead (he shows off for the ladies). Fluffy teddy-bear ears - awesome staple length.
BUT - we just reduced our "big boy" herd to 3, with the intent to add in the up-and-coming 2 year olds to that pen, but it's gone to Shinook's head. He's beating up on the two other males. He was fine when it was five of them, but in this smaller group he has decided he needs to be in charge. Nook needs a larger group of guys his own size (150-200 lb).

Soft Shinook is a large (i.e., LARGE) beige boy out of White Zephyr I (Royal Fawn son) and Soft Sable (HDF Accoyo Lincoln daughter). He has a large fawn spot on his face, and a smaller dark fawn spot near the ears. He does have a white face. He has produced a solid medium fawn and two ligher fading fawns.

Nook boasts Royal Fawn, Pperuvian Leon, El Moustachio, HDF Accoyo Lincoln, and Peruvian Botin.

Biggest in his juvie class (and one of the youngest) at WiAFF 2015. Not as dense as those placed ahead of him, and crooked front legs, but consistent crimp across body and great luster. Judge Amanda Vandenbosch commented the crooked front legs might be due to his large size, because the back legs are perfect.

2015 American Alpaca Showcase, even with his topknot full of fresh green spit and his blanket the color of 'dirt' rather than beige, Shinook took 3rd of 6. Judge Jude Anderson loved his commanding presence, his robustness, and the composition (was that the word she used?) of his fleece.

Nook is TALL. He can place his chin on the top of a 4 foot gate, whereas the other boys look under the top rung. He has great staple length, a luxureous feel, great luster, and a bold architecture to his fleece. Could be denser. He has a very upright stance.

Nook's offspring are inheriting his size, staple length, and easy-going demeanor.


5th WiAFF 2015
3rd American Alpaca Showcase 2015
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ARI# 35595557   D.O.B. 6/23/2019 (3 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Light Fawn, Unproven
Sire: Wibotawot Soft Shinook
Dam: ELK Fantasy Lady
She's wet in the photo....

Wibotawot Farm - River Falls, WI

with breeding in 2023 for 2024
ARI# 35583776   D.O.B. 6/12/2019 (3 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Light Fawn, 7/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Chilean, Unproven
Sire: Wibotawot Soft Shinook
Dam: OTRA Sydney
Big, large, beautiful girl. Light to medium fawn with a little white on her teddy bear face. Fuzzy ears. She is starting to lighten on her body, no...

Wibotawot Farm - River Falls, WI

pending sale
ARI# 35279884   D.O.B. 6/24/2018 (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Fawn, 7/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Chilean, Proven
Sire: Wibotawot Soft Shinook
Dam: ELK Fantasy Lady
Fanny is a large girl, getting her size from sire Shinook. But she also has his personality (which comes from grand-dam Soft Sable) - easy going, eas...

Wibotawot Farm - River Falls, WI


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