Wibotawot Farm

Quality, all-inclusive care


Pricing: $4/day
Call for Details: (715) 796-5481

Service Description

Do you want an alpaca, but don't have the place to keep one? Do you own land, but need time to build a barn? We can help.

Your alpacas will receive the same daily attention that ours do. Green, shaded pastures, fresh water, and plenty of quality hay. We feed small squares, not round bales. Daily grain for all, twice daily for nursing and expecting moms and crias.

Included in the boarding cost are monthly ivermectin injections and toe nail care. We can also provide specialized care for injuries, deworming for gut worms, etc. We have a great vet close by who is very knowledgeable about alpacas.

Depending on the number of animals and your wishes, separate pens/pastures are available for your animals, or they can be co-mingled with our girls or boys.